SPIP key learning

Now that you've attended your SPIP course, here are some of the key-learning points that can help you refresh what you've learned!

  1. Try to develop a business-like relationship with your ex-partner. Although you're emotional relationship is over, you are still both parents to your child(ren). Building a business-like relationship with your ex-partner, allows you to sensibly discuss child arrangements, without conflict.

  2. Openly blaming your ex-partner in front of your child, will only negatively affect them!

  3. Listen to your children, and learn what they want, rather than expecting them to take sides.

  4. Children don't like seeing their parents arguing, and they don't like being made to make difficult decisions as a result.

  5. Reassuring your child is very important!

  6. If you find yourself in a high conflict situation with your ex-partner, the best thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation and approach them again once tensions have reduced.

  7. Actively listen to your partner, and take a position of curiosity, so that they feel heard and understood.

  8. Use 'I' statements when talking with your ex-partner, so that they can get a true picture of how you're feeling.

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